Support Child Education

Children are the future of the nation and at The APAIN India our goal is to educate children
and paving their way to attain a better way of living.

Give a hand to make
the better world.

The APAIN India has set several milestones to reach in order to enforce the
social changes in the country, which of course could not be attainable
without the availability of resources and the public support.

About The APAIN India

The APAIN India was formed in September 2016, as a not-for profit organization (NGO), by a group of like-minded people who are committed to eliminate social anomalies that have been prevailing in the different strata of the society across the country. In a brief period of time, the organization has evolved, with a focus on a multitude of issues such as Child Education, Women Empowerment, Health & Education, Waste Management, Skill Development, Rehabilitation of Slum Dwellers and so on. Besides, the members, workers and volunteers of the NGO are always prepared to offer their helping hands during natural calamities, like flood, earthquake etc.

The NGO was started by Mr. Rajesh Jha, Mr. Dinesh Gujral, Mr. Vikrant Sood, Mr. Balaji Govind Rajan, Mr. Dev Shankar Jha, Ms. Sushma Naggar, Rakesh Dotania, Ms. Neelu Grover, Tripurari Jha, Kiran Jha, and Ms. Deepak Soni. All of them come from different educational and professional backgrounds and are guided by the sole vision of endeavoring to the betterment of the society and hence play their role in the nation building. All members of the NGO are dedicated and self-motivated to hit hard on all the societal problems that are coming on the way of the growth and prosperity of the society.

Today, the NGO’s focus is more on identifying all vulnerable sections of the society and also the pertinent issues that require immediate intervention. The members and workers of the NGO are never discouraged by the lack of funds, inadequacy of resources, disagreement from the already established social orders, and other obstacles and roadblocks. With an objective of overcoming all challenges, they adopt a holistic approach to bring in changes that are long-term, sustainable and communicable to pass on from one level to another among different stakeholders. To achieve their goals, we highly rely on innovative mechanisms and the new technologies. The members of the NGO are resourceful and keep themselves updated about the innovations that have been happening around the world and which can empower them to transform the society.

Coming from the grass-root level of the society, the members of the NGO understand that knowledge and information can prove a key factor of bringing transformation in the lives of the disadvantaged community. Thus, they adopt a two-prong approach of a) knowledge dissemination through awareness campaigns, and b) designing and delivering real projects of skill development for poverty alleviations. The NGO conducts various vocational training programs in the areas of computer literacy, food processing, tailoring, art & craft, embroidery and so on. We invest their time and resources in creating self-help groups of workers and artisans who have the knack of raising the village level or the rural economy, and restricting the mass migration of artisans to cities and becoming marginal laborers.

Aims and Objectives

  • Work for the overall welfare of the vulnerable sections of the society, particularly children, women and people from the marginal communities.
  • Set up, and operate institutions to support such welfare programs in on a sustainable basis.
  • Create opportunities for youths, artisans, weavers, peasants and others for them to get a regular income stream to sustain their livelihood.
  • Tackle environmental issues, such as Pollution, Soil Degradation, and Water Contamination etc by devising projects in the fields of Waste Management, Rain Water Harvesting and Sanitation.
  • Addressing issues that can have a direct impact on the human health, such as malnutrition, unavailability of safe drinking water, inadequate drainage and others


A not for profit organization, working to uproot all evils from the society through empowerment of children, women, marginal people and other stakeholders


Create awareness through intensive endeavors with a focus on education and skill development that can enable the vulnerable sections of the society to realize their own worth and the true potential, to bring back their self-esteem and hence eradicating the evils that have been deeply rooted in the society.

Focus Areas

The APAIN India will endeavor to eliminate all the social evils with an objective of creating a happy and prosperous society where all can live and flourish in a congenial environment. However, the NGO has decided to take up issues in a gradual manner and has identified the following focus areas to start working on a priority basis.